Wednesday Work-In-Progress!

hurrahI have turned my hand to writing the fourth installment of my Pride & Prejudice Continues series!

Hurrah! I hear you cry! 😉

It’s going well and it’s set in the winter following the end of Wickham.  (Yes, it follows on!)

I wanted to share with you a few lines that I wrote this morning. Please bear in mind that it is unedited and unfinished.

The winter was one of the harshest England has ever known and following a blizzard during the night, Longbourn is FREEZING COLD!!  (Can you imagine how cold that place must get without our modern heating systems? Brrrr!)

In this scene we see Mary waking up….


The following morning the house was cold; colder than usual for winter. Mary stretched languidly, reluctant to get out of the warm bed and into the cold room. Her nose felt like ice. She calculated how quickly she could run to the bell pull and get back into the bed before she froze to death.

Slipping one toe out of the bed, Mary groaned, “Good Lord, it’s freezing cold!” before pulling her foot quickly back under the blankets again. “Mary, get a hold of yourself. You need the fire lit and hot water to wash in.”

She took a few deep breaths to build her courage and then, throwing off the blankets, Mary darted BRR2005WordLogofrom the bed, yelping at the coldness of the rug on her feet, pulled the bell pull and took a running jump back into bed, tossing the covers back over her as she snuggled back down into the warm spot she left.

(c) 2016 Karen Aminadra / Flourish Publishing


Happy Reading and have a great day!

K xx




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Work-In-Progress!

  1. so does this mean this will be Mary’s story – I do hope so

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! Mary and Kitty are the only unmarried ones now in this series. It’s time to write about Mary AND it’s Christmas too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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