The 5000 word per hour challenge!

I am trying Chris Fox’s 5000 words per hour challenge.

Am I crazy? Well, you know the answer to that one! 😉

Check out the original challenge at – Chris is really inspiring!





2 thoughts on “The 5000 word per hour challenge!

  1. Wow, you must have super powers, when I get the chance I’ll have to go to the link and see how it’s done. I’m not sure I have a wpm ability to even make that possible! 😀

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    1. LOL I don’t have superpowers and I certainly am not writing at 5000 words per hour… yet 😉
      I am at 2500 words per hour and I’m pretty happy with that. I like my time writing to actually be productive and it is now. I recommend giving it a go. You do the hour in three 20 minute sprints and take a little break in between. I get up from the computer and play on the wii for a couple of minutes 😉


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