Wednesday Work-In-Progress!


At the beginning of book 3 of The Emberton Brothers Series – The Reluctant Bride, I mention an inn in High Wycombe.

High Wycombe is in Buckinghamshire situated on the river Wye and approximately half-way between London and Oxford.

In The Reluctant Bride, Louis Emberton stops over there for luncheon on his way to London.

However, the George and Dragon Inn has an interesting history of its own!

The old Grade II listed 18th Century building is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Suki, an attractive 16-year-old barmaid who was employed at the pub.
It is said that she fell for the charms of a gentleman who was passing through the village, much to the annoyance of three local lads who also had their eye on the pretty serving girl. A message, purporting to be from the handsome gentleman, was sent to Suki at the tavern instructing her to meet him in the caves at night.
Dressed in her finest white dress she entered the caves only to find that the message had been a hoax planned by the three jealous boys. In anger, she threw rocks at the laughing lads. When the boys responded by throwing  them back, Suki was knocked unconscious. She was secretly brought back to her room at the inn by the lads, but next morning was found dead.
Her ghost is said to walk the corridors of the George and has also been reported to glide across the garden.The spectre of Suki has also been seen looking from the windows of the inn waiting and pining for her lost love.
11469470In the early 1990s, the landlady of the George entered one of the rooms and saw the apparition of a young woman with a sad, lost expression sitting by the fire. After a few
moments, the ghost turned to look at the landlady and then slowly faded away.

What a sad tale that is!  The poor girl went to meet her love and instead met her untimely end!
It would make a lovely novel, don’t you think? 😉




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