Wednesday Work-in-progress!

13346167_1720182414903879_4004063965258730862_oIt’s Wednesday and I’m writing! Of course, I am! lol

The photograph on the left is from my diary. Every day that I pass 2000 and words when I’m writing, I give myself a happy sticker. Yes, it is a little daft, but I actually find myself desperate to make sure I do more than 2000 words so I can gain my little sticker at the end of the day! LOL

The really lovely thing about writing the last book in a series is that I can expand on the stories that went before it. For example, Richard and Grace already have one child, Richie, will they have another one? What about her father, Mr Hayward in India?
Remember Mina? What happens to Edward, Frances, and Edwina? And the Colemans?

The best thing about this third book in the series is that it’s about Louis. So far Louis has not really been a part of the series. In fact, I can’t even remember him being in book 2, can you?

So, book three, thus far called The Reluctant Bride, is focused on Louis, the youngest son of Edwina Emberton. If you remember from the first book, Louis was away in Oxford studying to become a clergyman.
He is now qualified in is back at Emberton Hall.

I really enjoy writing this series. It has been a lot of fun and it’s a little sad that is drawing to a close. I have also enjoyed all of the feedback and e-mails, the comments on Twitter and on Facebook, too, from readers. It makes everything worthwhile when you get some really lovely feedback from a reader. I especially like suggestions, readers hopes and dreams for the characters, and even their outlandish ideas for the next book or the next series that I may write.

So, thank you very much for your feedback. I do greatly appreciate it.

As you may or may not know by now, The Suitable Bride (that is book two of the series), is now available for pre-order through your favourite online bookstore. The release date is set for Friday 15th July 2016!!

Until next week, happy reading,

Karen x


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