Wednesday Work In Progress!

VF01As I sit here today working on the edits for Book 2 of The Emberton Brothers Series, The Suitable Bride, I am thoroughly enjoying the repartee between the characters.
It’s always a good sign when an author actually enjoys their own book, don’t you think?
I know you want to read a snatch… 

“Dear God, Edward, are you trying to tell me that you honestly think that everyone in society is pure?”

He shrank back from her.

“Let me enlighten you, Edward; most of society is full of illicit encounters worthy of the rumours spread about the Prince Regent and Lord Byron.” She stepped forward emboldened by the confession. “And let me tell you about them too, what they say is true. Almost every lady has a lover and almost every gentleman has a mistress. Those who do not are considered priggish.”

Edward snorted at her claim.

“You may doubt me, Edward, but you have not been in society often enough. Go and ask your friends at Boodle’s,” She ordered pointing a finger out of the window and in the direction of gentlemen’s club in Pall Mall. “Go on! Go and ask them how many of them keep mistresses! I think you will be surprised at how large a number of them do.” When she finished speaking, it was as though all of the air had gone out of her. She slumped down on the edge of her double ended chaise longue. “And yet,” she said in a soft voice, “when a lady is discovered to have participated in that which everyone, it seems, participates in, she is damned.”

(c) 2016 Karen Aminadra, All Rights Reserved.


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