The Silliest of Things…

work stationThis week, I decided to move from my bedroom, where I usually write, to the living room. The reason being I’ve hurt my back.
Now… the silliest of things is I cannot concentrate in the living room.

Why is that? What’s the matter with me?

I’ve tried different chairs and I even cleared the dining table to make up a desk during the day… but, still my productivity is not the same as when I am comfortably perched up on my bed.

Are there too many distractions?  Am I seeing chores that need to be attended to and my mind is wandering?
I dunno what it is!

Now, I’m in a different arm chair.. let’s see how this goes!

Do you have a favourite place to write?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate when you change workplace?

Let me know. I need advice!

K x





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