Scotland Rocks!

Creetown.8During our recent, and most excellent, I must say, holiday in Scotland, Hubby and I visited Creetown.

Hubby has a fascination for gems and rocks of all types and sizes. So, then we spied a sign declaring the existence of Creetown Gem Rock Museum, we simply had to pay a visit!

The place is an absolute gem! (Pun intended!)

Not only is there a fabulous display of gems, polished stones, rocks in their raw state, and 612664395a40232133447d33247d3833303139363737even the skeleton of a bear, but the owner and his wife (Tim and Carolyn Stephenson) are more than happy to guide you around and share their wealth of knowledge!

Inside there’s a wonderful room jam-packed with gems which takes your breath away! The specimens are truly amazing!

Then you go into ‘The Professor’s Study’ and sit in this amazing room to watch a ten-minute documentary on how gems are made in the earth, then how they are extracted, and finally turned into something that you and I would recognise. In that room, if you have small children, there is a table for them to complete all sorts of activities.

DSCF2865After the show, you can go through the Crystal Cave. They have actually recreated a cave and place crystals and rocks in it. It really is lovely! So fascinating and clever! At the entrance to the cave, they have this funny photo opportunity… I couldn’t resist! lol

The gift shop is stuffed full of things you want to bankrupt yourself to buy! Seriously, if you are a magpie-type person, do not go in there unsupervised! 😉   Hubby was generous and bought me the most gorgeous pair of Malachite earrings along with a caged tumble stone necklace. So beautiful!  I love Malachite!

Then, of course, after all of that shopping, viewing, and visiting, you’ll need refreshments, right? Of course, you will! Well, they just happen to have a great cafe, too. Their 24carat cake – puns galore there, I tell ya – is the moistest I’ve ever eaten! Delicious!

All-in-all a FABULOUS afternoon out!

I love Scotland! Whole-heartedly!

Karen x



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