What to do…?

pulling-hair-outThis morning I am left wondering what to do with myself.   After having taken on too much in the past when I’ve finished a book by jumping straight into the rewrites and edits, this time, I decided to take the rest of the week off.

Which in turn has left me twiddling my thumbs. I promised myself that I would not contact the cover artist until next week and I will not even begin the rewrites until then, too. But I’m itching to do something. Is this normal? Do I have author-itis? Is that even a thing? LOL  (It’s not, I know!)

What do other writers do when they are forced to take time off and desperately want to work? I know I need to rest for my health… but argh!!! Let me at the manuscript!!! lol

What would you recommend I do? How can I stay away from the computer?


K x


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