A clipper ship, a bride, and a cover artist…

This week has been tremendous so far!
Yes, I am aware that it is still only Wednesday, but I have had the most amazing and successful two weeks!

Firstly, I have been writing. You know this, of course, because you read my last post.
Secondly, that writing has been prolific. That’s the only word for it. PROLIFIC. Yes, the capitals were necessary!
I am excited to say that I have reached the 90% mark in the first draft of The Spice Bride, the first book in my planned Emberton Brothers series.
Phew! Let me take that in…. it’s nearly finished!! Woohoo!! How exciting is that?
I am so amazed and blessed! Yay!!

So, this week has been filled with, not only more writing, but with images of clipper ships, beautifully adorned Regency ladies, and with discussion with the fantabulous Miranda Stork from Moon Rose Covers. (You know who I mean — the lady who did Rosings and The Uncanny Life of Polly!)

We are drawing closer and closer to a decision on the cover art. I am in a whirlwind of excitement! I really am! I will do a cover reveal, when it’s all done and ready.  I cannot show you and mock-ups because, as you may or may not know, they remain the property of the cover artist until the final one is finished. 😀

Do check out Miranda’s great art HERE and I will keep you updated as to my continued progress!
Oh….. you can also keep an eye on that via the widget-thingy on the right of the page or by going to the Coming soon page!

Have a great week!  I know I will!

Hugs K xxx


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