Weekly Update

Good Morning all!

I hope your summer is going well and your plans for your holidays turn out exactly how you want them to!

As you have noticed I have changed blog site.  This was mainly because of problems people were having posting and also because on this one I am able to do more.  I have transferred all posts over to this new one too.
The old one will stay where it is – I will not take it down.  So if you posted there then you can still see those posts and comments.

I am still writing away as you will be glad to know.
Due to popular demand a sequel to CHARLOTTE is being planned at the moment.  I have a few ideas about that one and where it will go.  It’ll be interesting because as CHARLOTTE is a sequel in itself, then the new one is technically a sequel to a sequel.  Confused? Well, don’t be.
So many of you have written to me asking me things which I cannot write here for fear of giving away the plot of CHARLOTTE – but I am confident that a sequel will happen and it will be just as much fun as it predecessor.

You can buy CHARLOTTE here for the US or here for the UK.

But that’s not all!!

I am writing a Chick Lit book too.  It’s a contemporary novel and will appeal to most of us as I am sure we can relate to what the heroine is going through in this book.

And…. (yes I am a busy bunny!)

I have another Historical Novel in the works too.  I won’t tell you too much about either of those two books because during the early stages things can change… a lot!

Finally, I wish you a great weekend and keep on reading! :o)



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