10 Common Mistakes I See in Epic Fantasy Writing

Can you think of anything else to add to this list?

Thoughts on Fantasy

I recently encountered a question on Quora asking what some “fatal flaws” or mistakes in fantasy novels are. I wrote a response to it, and it got me thinking about the things that most commonly make me give up on a fantasy book, rate it poorly, or even avoid reading it in the first place. This was a helpful exercise as I want to avoid these things in my own writing, and it struck me that if I expanded and extended my answer it might make for an interesting (perhaps even useful!) blog post.

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Join me for Christmas at Longbourn!

I’m so excited to announce that Christmas at Longbourn is live on Amazon! 🙂

Are you ready for book no.4 in my Pride & Prejudice Continues series?

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Christmas at Longbourn will be at 99 cents for a limited time only and will return to full price on November 6th!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00008]While their sisters, Jane, Lizzy, and Lydia, married favourably and lived in great style and comfort, Kitty and Mary Bennett remain unmarried and living at Longbourn. 

Kitty, recently jilted, and Mary, overlooked wherever she goes, are thrown together and, through their hurt, they begin to see one another in a whole new light.

With the help of the worst winter storms England has ever seen, they are forced to face their flaws and tackle life head-on, for fear that nothing will ever change for them.

Their greatest fear is to end their days unmarried. 
Yet, this year – with the aid of the ever-deepening snow – they are set to have their best ever Christmas at Longbourn!

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Christmas at Longbourn: Pride & Prejudice Continues Book 4 Up For Preorder

Are you ready for book no.4 in my Pride & Prejudice Continues series? 

It’s now ready for Preorder on Amazon.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00008]While their sisters, Jane, Lizzy, and Lydia, married favourably and lived in great style and comfort, Kitty and Mary Bennett remain unmarried and living at Longbourn. 

Kitty, recently jilted, and Mary, overlooked wherever she goes, are thrown together and, through their hurt, they begin to see one another in a whole new light.

With the help of the worst winter storms England has ever seen, they are forced to face their flaws and tackle life head-on, for fear that nothing will ever change for them.

Their greatest fear is to end their days unmarried. 
Yet, this year – with the aid of the ever-deepening snow – they are set to have their best ever Christmas at Longbourn!

Preorder your copy for 99c now!

It’s The End!

It’s The End!


Literally, it is the end! 😉


At 15:45 GMT yesterday afternoon, I wrote those wonderful words at the bottom of my manuscript — THE END!

I wanted to share the good news with the whole world! Isn’t this exciting?!


Christmas at Longbourn – Pride and Prejudice Continues, book 4 is complete in the first draft!

AND… my 10th novel! :O


So what is my editing procedure?

Firstly, I slept and had the morning off. Such a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, huh? 😉 I won’t start any edits until I am fresh tomorrow. Then, I shall go through line-by-line and correct mistakes, inconsistencies, and flesh out anything that needs work.

I didn’t want to start any edits until I was fresh and rested today. Now, I shall go through line-by-line and correct mistakes, inconsistencies, and flesh out anything that needs work.

Hopefully, by the end of the month, the manuscript will be winging its way to my editor who will work her magic upon it!

This is all wonderfully exciting!

I shall keep you informed of what’s happening; the cover art, the preorder dates… you want a preorder, right?

Let me know if you just want me to ‘soft’ launch it and just put it out when it’s ready. I’ll, of course, email you the moment I do.


Anyway, have a wonderful week! I know I will ❤

Take care, 

Karen Aminadra


In the mean time…

You can catch up on the rest of the series and all my other books on AMAZON


I’ll leave you with this 😉


Christmas in June!

a4ecb-christmas_bell_with_hollyShock, horror! Did I mention the ‘C’ word? lol

Yes, I did say Christmas…. there, I did it again! :O CHRISTMAS!!

What on earth is the matter with her? Doesn’t she know it’s June? I hear you cry!

Yes, I know it’s June, but… if I don’t get cracking with Christmas at Longbourn….  yes, you read that correctly, CHRISTMAS AT LONGBOURN, then I won’t have it ready to release by Christmas for you!

I want to thank every single one of you for your encouraging emails and messages on Facebook asking when I will get round to writing book 4 in my Pride & Prejudice Continues series. The good news is that I am now back to writing it. I am not pushing myself, but taking it slowly.

Christmas at Longbourn is a step between Wickham and the climax book for that story — yes, this step is necessary.
The focus is on Mary and Kitty Bennet!! Hurrah! At last!

The fun part of this novel is that Mrs Bennet is back with her flamboyant dramatics! She’s such fun to write!

I thought I’d share a little snippet of the opening scene with you, to whet your appetites. Please remember this is unedited and a first draft ❤

Happy reading!


The date of the Merryton Christmas Assembly was set back, again, and looked as though it would not happen at all this year. It snowed much earlier and harder than usual that year. The whole of England was having the longest and hardest of winters in living memory, some said. However, only two out of the four inhabitants of the family in Longbourn minded in the least.

Mary, the eldest of the five girls remaining at home, and Mr Bennet found very little difficulty in finding occupation for themselves or in suggesting it for Mrs Bennet and the youngest unmarried daughter, Kitty. Their entreaties more often than not fell on deaf ears.

“My dear Mr Bennet, when will this tedious snow end?” Mrs Bennet cried with ear-splitting volume as she poked the fire in the grate with such vigour that she almost put it out.

“My dear, if I were privy to such information, I would be a very rich man indeed!” he replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm, without looking up from his newspaper.

His wife huffed, pouted, and whined some more. “Oh, but we cannot venture out of doors for fear of falling and breaking our necks, or catching our death of cold.”

Mr Bennet ignored her and continued to read his newspaper.

“Must we always rely upon Mr Bingley’s benevolence to send their carriage for us should we wish to visit our dear Jane and Lizzy?”

“I’m afraid so,” came the short reply.

“Ooh! You do try my patience!” She griped as she returned to her chair with a flourish of her skirts. “Why, can we not use our horse, Nelly, and take our own carriage to see the grandchildren?” She smiled in such an encouraging manner Mary knew she hoped that it would add weight to her petition.

Yet, Mary watched impassively and knew her father remained unmoved. He folded his newspaper, and she knew he was certain of constant interruption if he persisted in attempting to read in the drawing room, and prepared to depart for the private and quiet seclusion of his book room. “Because, my dear, Nelly cannot be spared from her duties on the farms, as you are well aware.” He rose and silently closed the door behind him as he left.

Mary buried her face in her book to hide the smirk that lifted the corners of her mouth.

Mrs Bennet continued to moan despite his absence. “Duties? Duties, indeed!” She folded her arms and pouted. “The ground is as hard as granite and there are no fields to plough at this time of the year. What other duties could Nelly possibly have on our farms? And what are they compared with taking us to Netherfield Park to see our newborn grandsons?”

Nelly was the family’s horse and they shared her use with the tenant farmers on Mr Bennet’s land. This vexed Mrs Bennet greatly who did not see the enormous expense or waste in keeping a horse purely to pull a carriage that they used perhaps only once per week at the most. She was bored stuck indoors now winter had come early and she longed to visit with two of their five daughters, who both had recently been delivered of sons, as she mentioned umpteen times an hour—daily. Jane, the eldest daughter’s son, Charles, was born in the summer. He was growing to be a fine lad. Lizzy, the next eldest daughter’s son, William, was born two months later, also at Netherfield Park.

“And goodness only knows if the Christmas ball will ever take place.” Her youngest remaining daughter, Kitty, bemoaned, joining her voice to her mother’s.

“Hmm… Yes, it is so unfair.” Mrs Bennet sighed. Together they sat, looked out of the window at the falling snow and decried winter in its entirety.

“We could walk…” Mary sighed as she flicked the page over in her novel. “That is how the newspaper is fetched each and every morning.”

“Walk?” Mrs Bennet fairly shrieked at the suggestion. Her face grew red with ire. “What a notion!” She pulled her shawl tighter about her shoulders. “Have you any idea how difficult it would be to trudge through all that snow? We should freeze to death for certain before we even got past the church, to be sure.”

“Perhaps Mary has a point, Mama. A servant could be sent to Netherfield. They could ask Mr Bingley to send a carriage for us.” Kitty perked up as though it were her own suggestion.

“Now that is a thought!” Mrs Bennet half-rose in her seat and then sank back down again, her face showing her thoughts had taken a dire turn. “But what if the servant were to die in the snow before reaching Netherfield? We would not discover them until spring!” She shuddered at the thought. “No, we had better wait at home and hope that Mr Bingley or Mr Darcy have the good sense to send a carriage for us.”

“It shall happen eventually,” Mary interjected in a bored monotone, “for Christmastide is upon us and we shall all meet as a family, shall we not?”

The smile on her face fell as her mother rounded on her, “Christmastide? That is a full month away, child. Are you dim-witted? We cannot sit and wait here for an entire month!”

Mary closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I am merely pointing out that it will not be forever, Mama.” She bit her tongue, tired and irritated at always being the one to be looked down upon. She felt it was unfair and hoped for a reason to leave the house and venture into Merryton town—if only, she thought.

“Merely pointing out?” Mrs Bennet exploded. “No one wants your opinions, Mary, I am sure.”

Mary watched as her mother returned to her seat by the fireside to talk with Kitty. She swallowed down what she would like to say. Just for once she would like to be listened to and taken seriously. She was tired of being thought of as the odd-one-out.

© 2017 Karen Aminadra. All rights reserved.


What am I writing?


Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are all doing really well.

What am I writing?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that I am finally writing again – hurrah! 😀
And you will have seen my updates letting you know how I am getting on.
But…what am I writing?

Here’s a snippet, just for you 😉


g-hlt-111202-hands-4p-today-inline-large“Tracy, have you been on that thing all day?” Janet rolled her eyes and whined at her daughter in exasperation. As soon as she arrived home, Janet knew what she would find—Tracy, her 15-year-old daughter, glued to the games console as she always seemed to be during the school holidays.  Janet stood looking at the image in front of her as she leant on the uPVC front door and closed it with her behind.

“Yeah. So what?” Tracy snidely snapped back. She did not even move her head nor did her mother’s arrival break her concentration or stride as she continued to combat virtual pixelated bad guys on the 32 inch TV screen before her.

Janet put her bag on the coat hook in the hall and took a deep breath. It had been a long day and the last thing she wanted was to fight with Tracy, again. She knew she had to rein in her irritation unless she wanted another bout of door slamming and screaming at each other. “It’s the school holidays. Don’t you want to go outside and do something else?”

“Like what exactly?”

Janet shrugged unseen by her daughter. “Anything has got to be better than staring at that screen all day. Doesn’t it give you a headache?” There was no response. Janet pressed on, “What about your friend Sam, what’s she doing today?”

“Mum,” finally, Janet caught her attention. Heaving a sigh of exasperation, Tracy pushed the button on the controller to pause the game and turned towards her. “Sam’s family are in Spain, they go every summer, remember!”

The sarcasm dripped from her daughter, but Janet refused to be pulled into yet another shouting match with her. Not this time. Not today. She was tired, deeply tired, exhausted with her life. Mike, her estranged husband, and Tracy’s father had called her that lunchtime with yet another schedule change. He, apparently, would not be able to see his daughter again this summer. How on earth would she break that news to Tracy? It would break her heart. She had been looking forward to seeing him for months. She would not understand. She never did. How could she understand that her father’s new family was more important than she was? Janet had to think fast and say or do something. Her own relationship with Tracy was breaking down; she was so temperamental these days, and she herself was tired and snappy. She stood looking down at the beige carpet, it needed replacing, and it was getting threadbare near the front door. Janet felt beaten up. She looked up at her daughter; she looked like she had herself before life got to her. How she loved that teenager staring back at her.

Janet dug her hand into her trouser pocket and threw her mobile phone to her daughter, “Call a Pizza, there’s money in the biscuit tin. I’m going to shower.”

Tracy smiled as she caught the phone and dialled the well-used number, the game was instantly forgotten.

Janet climbed the stairs and walked straight into the bathroom at the top, and locked the door behind her. She could hear Tracy talking on the phone downstairs. She leant against the door; it felt cool on her back. It was nice in comparison to the heat of the headache that threatened to split her head in two. Turning on the shower, she stepped out of her black work trousers and blue blouse and looked at her face in the mirror over the sink. When did she get so old? Where did those dark circles come from? She pushed the mirror away from her and climbed into the shower, muttering thanks to God for the hot running water washing the day’s stress from her. “Help me, what am I going to do?” She groaned as the tears came and her body shook with her silent sobs.

©2017 Karen Aminadra. All rights reserved.


“My life got flipped-turned upside down…”

1901689_1688716861383768_7856808088995437116_nIt’s has been a very, very long time since I published a blog post, and I’d like to take a minute to explain what has been going on.

Each time I think about writing this The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune comes to my head.

“Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I …”

My entire life has flipped-upside down. Literally. This time last year, I was planning The Emberton Brothers series. That went really well and all three books were published last summer. (We hope to put all three together in an e-box set on Kindle)

I changed home, town, and now, it seems, career.

Most of you know that I am a Christian; a follower of Jesus Christ. The church I attend is The Salvation Army. Many of you are very familiar with this organisation.
Some time before Christmas, I felt the Lord pulling me in a different direction. The great thing about Him leading change is He gives you a sense that change is coming before He starts pulling.

What I was being led towards was; ministry. What is ministry? Doing the Lord’s work full time, making His work your vocation.
Within a few short weeks of this notion entering my heart, I discovered that there was an opening. A position that, after reading the extremely long list of criteria, I realised that I could fit into.
Late last year, I applied. 

It is my honour and pleasure to announce that I got the job! 😀

I am going to be working full time for The Salvation Army in the town I live in. How wonderful is that?!badge

I have a heart for people and a heart to help. I hope you will remain by my side as I take up this new position and my life takes this wonderful new direction.

Will I still be writing? 
That’s anyone’s guess at the moment. My attention is mostly taken up with training for the new position. I know the desire to write is still there, so let’s give it some time and we’ll see. 🙂

I’ve decided to blog about the changes in my life.  I pray I have time to keep this going 😉

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you! ❤

Karen xx


Review: The Nanny Crisis by T.M. Cromer


New father Ty Jensen is in dire need of a nanny for his motherless infant. So when rainbow-haired Lana Martell shows up late for her interview, against his better judgement, he hires her on the spot. Ty finds himself falling hard and fast for his feisty employee.

Sassy Lana Martell has a penchant for attracting trouble. One look at her frazzled employer and she knows her heart is in jeopardy. But she also understands starting something with Ty could have her back at the bus stop with a one-way ticket to royally screwed.

As passion flares between this single father and his sexy nanny, an unexpected threat emerges to destroy the new life they’ve created. Their faith in each other is tested, and in the end, it comes down to one question…can Ty save Lana before she falls victim to the evil from her past?

**Contains adult language and content.**

I recently read The Nanny Crisis by T.M. Cromer.  This is a novella and is a very well structured one at that. The story moves along at a pace that is fast enough to keep the pages turning. The story is cute, entertaining and funny. In fact, I laughed out loud more than once.
There is enough going on and sufficient plot twists that this book could quite easily have been a full-length novel, if I am completely honest, without losing anything along the way.
T.M’s use of language is fun and light, having me choke on my tea once at a phrase I haven’t heard in years! Nice one — it made the book very memorable.
The story is light-hearted and easy to read; making it a perfect book to take away for the weekend or to relax with. If all of T.M’s books are this light-hearted and fun, then I cannot wait to read more.
Yes, the book contains adult language and scenes of a sexual nature, but it’s not graphic and the swearing is hardly more than you would hear most days, let’s be honest! If you are sensitive to such things, then stay away. However, if you can handle it, then you’re in for a lovely treat.
Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would.
Why? Because at the end of a long, hard day’s work, it’s nice to read something that makes you relax and this book does just that!

5stars (1)

Where can you buy The Nanny Crisis?   Click HERE!

Karen x


Giveaway Winner Announced!

winnerFirstly, I’d like to thank you all for the fantastic response to the launch of The Suitable Bride and for participating in the launch giveaway competition too!

I was inundated with replies!

Thankfully, Rafflecopter chooses a random entry for me and I don’t have to choose the winner myself! Phew!

So, this morning I clicked on the button ‘Pick a random winner’ and…..

The winner is……..

Bevanne from Canada!! 😀 yay!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Bevanne!! I shall be emailing you shortly about your prizes!
They are a fantastic collection of swag and I hope you really enjoy reading them!

Your prizes are….
Charlotte – Pride & Prejudice Continues book 1 by Karen Aminadra
Rosings – Pride & Prejudice Continues book 2 by Karen Aminadra
Wickham – Pride & Prejudice Continues book 3 by Karen Aminadra
All That We Are by Holly J.Gill
Vigilante of Shadows by Miranda Stork
Reaper’s Deliverance by Miranda Stork
Shadows in the Darkness by Miranda Stork
Conner by Miranda Stork
Her Charming Heartbreaker by Sonia Parin
Her Perfect Mismatch by Sonia Parin
Silence of Scandal by Jackie Williams
The Sweetest Kiss by Marie Higgins
The Rebel Puritan by Jo Ann Butler
A beautiful necklace with a Louisa M. Alcott quote from Caroline F. Levy
Amazon gift code from N.D. Jones

I would also like to thank all the authors who donated books for the giveaway! ❤


Once again, thanks to all who participated in the competition and keep your eyes peeled for more!
Alternatively, you can sign up to my mailing list at www.karenaminadra.com because the next competition will be for subscribers only! 😉

Happy reading!

Karen x